Technology of Authenticity
Verification of Video Content

Total number of tokens

Smart contract balance

Number of investors

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Fix price on start: 1 ETH = $350

How it works

This online-service was created using blockchain technology. The platform was created to eliminate forgery of video materials, and confirm their authenticity.

PROVER can work either as a stand-alone web/mobile app, or as an integrated solution into 3rd party platforms using APIs and extensions.


A code is generated during recording when the user moves the phone up, down, left, right and diagonal, thus creating a unique swype-code pattern for every video.


The technology implementation areas

Car insurance

PROVER technology makes it possible to validate video of any events occurrence to guarantee that car is not damaged at given moment.

Issuance of loans

In the field of fintech, the PROVER project is a tool designed to perform legally meaningful actions in the absence of any infrastructure except the mobile Internet.

Legal status videos

PROVER technology makes possible to protect and verify video messages of a legal nature without a necessity to visit any officials.

Patient's status check

PROVER technology can become the basis of a remote patient control system, in particular, in the field of confirmation usage of prescribed medication.

Educational projects

For educational projects, PROVER technology can perform the function of remote identification of users and verification of their actions within the educational platform.

Online games and quests

The PROVER technology could be integrated into the mobile games applications, which allows you to register the game events.

Job reporting

Construction, installation, cleaning, patrolling, courier delivery, placing the goods in the store, placing outdoor advertising, etc.

Video copyright confirmation

The user, while recording video (using a smartphone or tablet camera), can also register his authorship and be able to confirm it.

Traffic offence control

PROVER technology can be used in the field of public order protection.

Project roadmap

Stage 1
(6 month)

Development of an algorithm for reading a swype-code based on video analytics. Implementation of PROVER on the Ethereum platform. Development of mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Stage 2
(6 month)

Development of an algorithm based on video analytics, that will confirm the continuity of recording in order to exclude video editing. Implementation of PROVER on the Emericon platform.

Stage 3
(6 month)

Development of an additional verification algorithm for mobile devices using data from their built-in sensors. Integration of the algorithm into a mobile app.

Next stages

Plans for a further project development will be proposed by the project team and put to a vote of the project token holders.

Conditions for early birds investors

Sep 1st through Sep 30th

Sep 1, 08:00 AM EST / 12:00 PM GMT () / 08:00 PM GMT+8 ()

$500 000

Maximum investment amount for the 1st stage

Limited number
of tokens

Bonuses for early investors

125 PROOF = $1

963 484 745
Tokens will be issued

Preliminary instructions

Complete the next steps before the project starts:

Register one of the wallets:
MyEtherWallet, Parity, Mist.

Buy Ether on one of the exchanges:, bitfenix or kraken.

Transfer Ether from an exchange to your wallet.


When will the project be launched?

The project launch for a crypto community will be held in 2 stages. The first stage will start September 1 and continue until $500,000 is collected. All investors at this stage will get a 25% bonus. The second stage will start in the middle of October.

How will the PROOF token be used in the system?

The PROVER app will use the PROOF tokens as the transfer payment inside the PROVER platform.

How much will the PROOF token cost during the first stage?

The PROOF token will cost $0.008 (in fiat)during the first stage. One token is the minimum investment during the first stage of the project launch.

On which platform will PROVER be pre-launched?

PROVER uses the Ethereum platform and a smart-contract developed on this platform. The initial smart-contract code will be available at this link.

Will there be an additional PROOF tokens issued?

The number of PROOF tokens is limited, so an additional token issue after the project launch is not planned.

How can I participate in a launch of the PROVER project?

Leave us your e-mail in the form below, subscribe to our communities and follow the news about the project launch.

The team

The project team has been working together for 10 years. We have implemented some large-scale IT-projects, and we have created intellectual video surveillance systems, health products and services used in 64 countries. We adhere to the principle of openness and decentralization. We are devoted to the development of new blockchain technologies. We want to benefit a blockchain community and the worldwide crypto economy.

Nadezhda Nabilskaya Nadezhda Nabilskaya

Nadezhda Nabilskaya

CEO, Founder
Ilya Svirin Ilya Svirin

Ilya Svirin

Alexey Rytikov Alexey Rytikov

Alexey Rytikov

Elena Yuferova Elena Yuferova

Elena Yuferova

PR and HR manager
Vitaly Suprun Vitaly Suprun

Vitaly Suprun

Ivan Pisarev Ivan Pisarev

Ivan Pisarev


How it works